LED Mosquito Zapper Lamp

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Gain An Unfair Advantage Over the Mosquitoes Around Your House

  • UV LIGHT: The 365 nm wavelength UV light is like candy for mosquitoes who irresistibly find themselves flying right into the zapper chasing the light.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Durable motor traps any insects chasing the UV light which means you don’t need to worry about bugs ruining your favorite moments any more.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Attract and trap thousands of insects silently without the annoying humming sounds of other bug zappers so you can enjoy your porch or campsite in peace.

Prevent Annoying Insects From Ruining Your Favorite Family Moments

  • HARMLESS & ODORLESS: Unlike other bug zappers that use harmful chemicals and radiation to kill insects, our zapper contains no toxins which means it’s safe around children and pets.
  • STORAGE BOX: Expansive coffin box that traps dead mosquitoes and other insects that only needs to be cleaned out once every two weeks so you can spend more time with your family and friends.
  • USB CHARGEABLE: Easily charged using many devices and power sources with a 12 hour battery life means you can take this zapper anywhere to protect you from pesky insects.

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